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Heartlines – Opening Up to the Path

At DCH our Post-Graduates are encouraged to undertake the proving of a new remedy or remedies, and to create a body of work surrounding the proving.  Kathryn Turton-Lane recently completed her Post Graduate Diploma and her book is finally completed.

Many experienced homeopaths will already be familiar with Ayahuasca and its early provings in the United Kingdom.    This proving comes with a difference, as it fully reflects the experiences of the Ayahuasca Ritual.  I will not spoil it for you by revealing this, but needless to say, it has opened up a road to understanding this most unique substance in a way which was not perceived previously.    It was a tremendous undertaking and Kathryn has done the most amazing job with it.     At present the book is available from Heidi Rose Homeopathy or from Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy.



Kathryn Turton Lane Book

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Recovering from Shock


Here in Australia we are lighting candles and sending prayers for the people of Manchester, the victims and their families.  Although we are so far away, we are also so very close.

For those who are feeling shocked, and most of us are access to Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy, which is readily available in both countries, is a comforting and safe all around shock support remedy.   Sometimes people do not realise they have gone into shock and Dr. Bach’s remedies have long formed a part of all quality homeopathic practices, and are available in Holland and Barrett, Boots the Chemist and other quality stores in the United Kingdom.   Here in Australia, they are also available at many chemists, and good health food stores.

Follow the directions on the bottle.  They can also be added to your drinking water, and a few drops in the bath before bed is a soothing way to calm down before a good night’s sleep.

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Metaphor, Dreaming and Casetaking


Hermes, as pictured above, was not only known to be the messenger of the Gods, but also the messenger within dreams, the translator of the truth and also trickster, ensuring that the truth is sought for and not just Googled at the surface level.    So much can be gained from the dream, for dreams always reveal the truth of the matter, the origin of the pathology.

Today we are presented with hair colouring, fake tanning, plastic surgery, perfumed skin and  veneered smiles, something Hahnemann never had to face.  The miasmatic presentation is trickier than it ever was before, when we are sifting to find the truth, to find the origin of the pathology;  the pathology that won’t quit.  We will, however,  find it in the realm of Hermes and Morpheus (Greek God of the Dreams).

The dream itself is a remedy, and by that I do not mean the poor sections of the repertory, old and bereft side effects of ancient provings,  but the adjuncts which can re-position, prescribe and move a patient deeper into the truth and away from the prison of the pathology.    Side stepping the aesthetic two step between pleasure and pain, and searching for depth, reveals the direction of the pathology.   This is not something which floats on the surface, like oil on water, but involves diving deeply, with astounding results.    With all things worthwhile, this takes time and commitment.


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The Peacocks Tail – Dreams & Alchemy

Following on from the tremendous response to this workshop, DCH will be offering this once again during 2018.   No matter where you are in the world. if you are a homeopathic professional and have become “jaded” in your practice, then it is time to spread your wings again!

An exciting and motivating way to work with your patients at a deep and powerful level. The patient’s dreams are not simply a ‘direct ticket into the repertory for a trite response.  Something along the lines of two remedies suggested,  usually fairly patriarchal and,  sexist.   This is the insanity of the mismatched materia medicas and repertories, which  attempts to use a language, which is limited by social and cultural morays.  I think this is why so few homeopaths use dreams, or write fairly inane books still bowing at the holy cow of the past.

When we get to know our own soul language, we become sensitised, alerted even to the description of the night-journey/daydream journey taken by our patients and by the deeper direction communicated throughout the language/symbols and metaphors.  This is a known language, but one we have to re familiarise ourselves with.  Small children know this language, intimately.   I love working with these little people, the veil has not covered them over yet!   Their dreams and their drawings which are an extension of their inner world, and the other reality are very clear to them and can be to us as well.

Here we have so much more than a trite response, here we have a doorway past the masks, to what actually is going on, what is truly being communicated.  Here we have the invitation to transformation , to participation, to love.  653041-bigthumbnail

The Peacocks Tail-  Dreams & Alchemy in Homeopathy

Are you ready to participate and then to use this method to assist others on the journey?

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Locating our patients are in the sea of language

As homeopaths our patients “exist to us as descriptives in a sea of language” and we wonder why we find it so difficult at times to actually “find them, both who they are, and, where they are, not to mention what is going on for them”

The English language, is at best extremely common in its speaking and at its worst, one of the most limited in the world.   This language of ours, can at any time seal the fate of the patient by what not only comes out of their mouths but also what and how we hear such a fate, as fate maybe.

Images tell a different story.  Dream work with patients assists in the revelation of what Is for them, what holds them, what restricts them and what calls them.  Too often we have relied on old and limited patriarchal language in our homeopathic libraries.  The calling out to the image is certainly a freeing of the energy for both patient and homeopath.  I am not speaking of Goggle Dreams here, I am speaking of the language of the psyche, with its mazes, wells and waterfalls, cliffs, spaces,enclosures and the rest.

Once opened with Remedia the “talking commences” and what a talking that is.

Dream-work in Homeopathy.

The Peacocks Tail, for qualified homeopaths.

April 2017



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The Peacock’s Tail

The Peacocks Tail

Alchemy, Homeopathy & Personal &Professional Transformation 

Professional Series for Qualified Homeopaths 2018

Exploring alchemy and the healing process in homeopathy, using alchemic texts, homeopathy,  and dream work.

Not only will these Transformative Series assist you with understanding your patients at a far deeper level,   improve your case-taking skills and prescribing far more than you could possibly imagine,  but it will provide you with the tools for your own growth.  

Growth which has real meaning and real depth.  Growth will enables the dual attention to enter beyond merely words.

 This is how it should be.  This is how it was meant to be. 

Alchemic texts follow seven stages of procedure and included within these levels or stages are the colours of the transformative process and its processes on the way to healing, transformation and wholeness. 

This series of workshops takes place monthly for 12  months.   

We cannot take patients down roads we have not travelled and taking an active step in our inner work through the alchemical transformation of dream-work, self-reflection and Remedia (TM) provides us with the depth, and insight we require in order to be of service today.  

“The Peacock’s tail appearing in the ancient alchemical process, always indicated an important transformation.  Certainly in the laboratory in the old days, but these days, usually the appearance in dreams indicates that deep change has occurred, so much so that matters which were once hidden deep in the unconscious had now been loosened and allowed to surface to be considered  and, to be integrated.

It was with no surprise, during my own alchemical studies,  that I found that as a homeopathic remedy, Parvo Cristus, or Peacock tail,  was unsurpassed in supporting Hyosasmus in many patients who experienced so much difficulty in life adjustments.  At that stage, I was doing some deep work with several who all required both the remedies.    It was a synchronistic moment of confirmation for the patients, but also for myself and the next chapter of professional teaching and training. ”  D. D. Dasi Principal, Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy.

Are you ready to take the journey?