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Home Prescribing Courses

Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy totally supports home prescribing and education within the world community.  It is for this very reason that it offers varying courses to help spread the word and oftentimes provide the foundation for a professional career in homeopathy when the time is right.

Home prescribing is offered in the form of weekend, one day or even two hour Meet-Ups which cover single issues and enthusiastic learners can pick what they want to learn and when in this way.

The one day and weekend course sets a solid and basic foundation, along with basic pharmacy for home prescribers and people who attend these workshops are able to utilise this as an entry, both financial and experiential into the Diploma Course should they chose to do so in the future.

Meet-Ups are also a fantastic way to get started or to continue one’s education in homeopathy as they focus around various subjects.  This may include, dealing with childhood acutes,  working with digestive problems, behaviour problems, and changes in life.  A full list of Meet-Ups, and our one day and weekend workshops is available by either telephoning the College or sending an email for our schedule.

We base our education on 30 years of experience in the homeopathic arena, worldwide.

Home Prescribing and education in homeopathy is more important today than ever.  There is nothing more important than your family’s health.

We look forward to taking the journey with you and perhaps some of you will also find that this is your vocation, in which case, we are doubly blessed.

Our participants are always thrilled to learn how to safely assist with their family’s health at home.  Become one of our Mummy and Me Participants today.   The Book and MP4 can be purchased directly from DCH or you can participate on line or in person.

Here’s what some of our participants had to say!

What an amazing couple of days the ‘Mummy and me’ workshop was. So much valuable information was shared with us in such a comfortable and interactive environment. Dhanistha was an excellent facilitator with such a wealth of trusted knowledge, she answered our many questions regarding our personal situations through out the workshop. I left feeling more confident in my understanding of homeopathy and its implementation in the home for my family and myself. The booklet we were given has become like a home bible for me, I refer to it often and continue to make my own indexed notes. This workshop has truly ignited a passion for homeopathy inside of me. All in all an invaluable experience that I am very grateful for! ( L. Morgan)

After doing Mummy & Me I feel so much more empowered to work with homeopathy.  Dhanistha’s  tips and guidance have inspired me into taking this up professionally next year!  I am so looking forward to moving it all up a notch.  Thank you!

(J. Williams)