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Locating our patients are in the sea of language

As homeopaths our patients “exist to us as descriptives in a sea of language” and we wonder why we find it so difficult at times to actually “find them, both who they are, and, where they are, not to mention what is going on for them”

The English language, is at best extremely common in its speaking and at its worst, one of the most limited in the world.   This language of ours, can at any time seal the fate of the patient by what not only comes out of their mouths but also what and how we hear such a fate, as fate maybe.

Images tell a different story.  Dream work with patients assists in the revelation of what Is for them, what holds them, what restricts them and what calls them.  Too often we have relied on old and limited patriarchal language in our homeopathic libraries.  The calling out to the image is certainly a freeing of the energy for both patient and homeopath.  I am not speaking of Goggle Dreams here, I am speaking of the language of the psyche, with its mazes, wells and waterfalls, cliffs, spaces,enclosures and the rest.

Once opened with Remedia the “talking commences” and what a talking that is.

Dream-work in Homeopathy.

The Peacocks Tail, for qualified homeopaths.

April 2017