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Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths!

Having a healthy curiosity is a “requirement to become a homeopath”.  It may often seem like studying homeopathy is an intellectual process alone, but it is not.    Curiosity is what keeps a homeopath on the edge of always expanding and evolving.     Homeopathy is so much more than an intellectual information process!     It is continually evolving and revealing more of the infinite  knowledge and understanding of both how it works within the body, mind and spirit and its connection to all things in the world.

Many people are not aware that homeopathy brings tremendous personal growth in people, as years of rigid thinking, habits, sideshows and excuses move away following taking the remedy.     The best way of course is to have an individualized consultation in order that the homeopath can plan what is right for each person.

Homeopathy is based upon “the personal touch” and by keeping it personal, homeopathy obtains results.     Homeopathy is truly the one therapy which is ‘holistic’ because it accesses all those separated parts of the self, and helps unite them with understanding and energy.  This same personal touch forms the basis of the Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy’s mission statement.  Our groups of students are small and we prefer to keep the both  setting and teaching  intimate.  We mix our levels, so that students at different stages are able to interact and, to learn from each other.    They form part of a group who are moving together on the energy of this level of evolution.

If you are of a “curious mind” consider studying homeopathy… doubt like Alice, in Wonderland,  down the rabbit hole and expanding, and you  will find yourself exactly where you need to be!