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Equine Homeopathy

The sheer joy of working with horses using homeopathy is unparalleled.   Their response to remedies is often very quick indeed, as their vital force and energy is so obvious through both their size and their sensitivity


Different breeds of horses, fall within their own miasmatic areas, and constitutional remedies and learning how to work within these landscapes makes prescribing such a pleasure.   Horses are very quick to communicate their requirements and their need for assistance and this can be easily felt, once that channel has developed.   Horses have given so much to mankind over the years, and they are extremely loyal and deserve kind and quality treatment.     In some breeds, chronic problems arise, but again, homeopathy is able to facilitate positive change and healing for them.   Remedies need to be delivered with love and I have always found that horses do love their remedies.  They have a deep knowing, as do all animals.

At DCH we use 35 years of experience in homeopathy, not just with human beings, but also with our animal friends.  In particular the equine section has some of the most fascinating and original teaching to offer.   If you are interested in studying you can contact DCH via the form below.   If you love horses, then you know, it is a lifetime love!

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The Joy and Relief of Working with Images


When we work with images we relieve ourselves of the pressure of words.  Far too often words are literal and absolute, and images allow the pressure to come off that channel, with all that it implies and to relax into an image.  An image allows all the content to find an expression and hold it, like a vessel.

Images can come from a patient recounting their dreams, or from closing their eyes and checking what comes up when they are trying to describe sensations, feelings, and so forth.   Homeopathy gets landlocked in language without appropriate mining in etymology.   Have a dig around the origins of words can be so helpful.  We also need to be culturally aware that words can hold different meanings in various languages, and with consultations reaching all over the world, we need to be able to do some research into the realms of meaning here.

It is often helpful to consider to mythology or original fairy stories to find images associated with those from both dreams or short imaginings in the consulting room.  Children of course have no problem expressing their imagination and the drawings often brought as gifts or done in the consulting room are a treasure house of images which provide such a direct route to the assistance that they require at that time.


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Choosing the Right College for You

When one comes to make a choice about where to come to open to homeopathy, it is an important decision.   In a market place filled with so much tinsel, it is so important to make the choice which sings to your heart.    Homeopathy is a vocation.


The Right Choice

Stay Close to those who know about the heart

Choose the shade of a tree

That is in constant bloom

Don’t meander aimlessly

among the herb sellers and potion venders

Go directly to the shop

that sells nothing but sweets!

Don’t sit waiting by every boiling pot

to have your plate filled!

Not every boiling pot

is cooking what you want.

Not every sugar cane is filled with sugar;

Not every down has an up

Not every eye has vision

Not every sea contains pearls.





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Conception, Pregnancy & Childbirth

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ~ Elizabeth Stone.

Working with experienced homeopaths, doulas and midwives is the best way.  Women who have birthed their babies, women who have ridden the wave, women who have the knowledge and experience of what a momentous, blessed and sacred journey it is.

Homeopathy holds a wonderful position in these three areas for potential parents.  It enables them to choose their timing, and to create an internal environment which is both happy and healthy at all levels before bringing a child into the world and to plan a birth which honours this sacred moment.

Humans no longer live under the sacred canopy where aunties and elders were supportive and full of wisdom in terms of creating, birthing and raising children.  It ran at different pace, very different to the frantic lifestyle of the twenty-first century.   It was always with the backing of these wise ones that children were conceived, birthed and raised in a natural and healthy way, ensuring the health of future generations.

A child is not a commodity, a fashion accessory nor a substitute for the unlived life.  To conceive and raise a child is a holy act, which requires humility, commitment and a good deal of love.   Each time a child enters the circle of the family energy body, changes take place for everyone.      If you are considering starting a family, or even if you already have one, homeopathy has so much to offer both energetically, educationally and from a holistic healing perspective.

I always think the proof is in the pudding, and having birthed so many myself, in so many ways, and assisted during the birthing of so many patients, being present at birth is both an honour and a privilege as one really gets to see and feel the presence of all that is good and holy emerge shinning into the lives of those who are present.

The development of the embryo also reveals the way the body’s intrinsic intelligence continues to maintain its health during its life.  We have so much to learn from this development, that we are standing on the edge of a body of knowledge which will change the way we think healing takes place.

Dhanistha Devi Dasi

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