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Aperture Methodology (TM) Intensive

This weekend intensive is open to qualified homeopaths who are interested in expanding their knowledge of methodology in homeopathy.   As homeopathy has evolved many wonderful methodologies have been created by homeopaths world wide in order to adapt and meet the ever increasing need for deeper solutions to complex problems.

Aperture Methodology (TM) was created in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of the more complex and chronic cases being presented to homeopaths today.   It can, with certainty, point the homeopathboth easily and clearly to a methodolgy which suits these more complex cases.

Students who have trained with Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy, including our past graduates have been instructed in this method, and are finding wonderful results both in their private practice and within the student clinic.

It is so important in homeoapthy to remember that the patients best outcome must outweigh any outmoded ideas about “how things should go”.

In order to evolve to the speed at which change occurs in today’s culture, homeopathy

also has to evolve to meet these ever changing requirements.