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Potencies in Homeopathy – The Fire

We all know that when a body becomes unwell, and the acute reaction brings a high temperature, we start to see the high temperature, caused by the body’s immune response coming into action to deal with the “intruder”.   The high temperature seen as a positive immune response, indicates the vital force moving into action.   On the other hand we often see fevers which occur at other times, which are low, long lasting, and even have a re-appearance on times or days.  Here we see a lower Vital Force, which has in its paths impediments set up in the body/mind/emotional states.

Potency is the fire in homeopathy and matching the potency to the requirement of our patient always calls for some care, and, imagination.   We were discussing LM potencies and I likened the LM potency to the Bain Marie (Mary’s Bath).

Responses in the form of firstly, the remedy and secondly and importantly the potency are based on always, the “whole of a patient”, not simply single parts.   The LM’s can be likened to the Bain Marie which was introduced via the old Alchemists.   Here we have the heat, or fire, which is water based.   It allows for the heat, to work through the maintenance of a certain “temperature” as a way of “working the substance”.

Translating that, it allows for the whole of the person, to relax from the “rigid state” in which they are now clearly stuck.   Of course the term “rigid” applies to every part of the patient, not simply the body.  It could be a rigid attitude, a mind-set, any number of factors which have set up a block, which impedes the flow of the Vital Force and, therefore, the full “health of the patient”.    This is a very different type of heat from, say direct fire, like a high potency.    We have to look at potencies as notions of heat, which are qualified from the “way the whole of the patient presents”.baine marie

Consider how relaxing it is in a warm bath.    This is a similar type of “heat”.   The LM potency is a softening and supporting potency, and it does not “threaten”.  It will often untangle the knots and reveal, underneath the calcified states, which have congealed to cause the block.     The LM  potencies were created by Hahnemann towards the end of his career.  It is interesting to note his Mars and Venus conjunct in Pices, which would have been far more active in his natal chart in the later part of his life, as he explored more deeply under this influence, than the earlier Saturn in Capricorn placement.  LM potencies are finding favour all over again, which is great, because they are needed.

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Equine Homeopathy

The sheer joy of working with horses using homeopathy is unparalleled.   Their response to remedies is often very quick indeed, as their vital force and energy is so obvious through both their size and their sensitivity


Different breeds of horses, fall within their own miasmatic areas, and constitutional remedies and learning how to work within these landscapes makes prescribing such a pleasure.   Horses are very quick to communicate their requirements and their need for assistance and this can be easily felt, once that channel has developed.   Horses have given so much to mankind over the years, and they are extremely loyal and deserve kind and quality treatment.     In some breeds, chronic problems arise, but again, homeopathy is able to facilitate positive change and healing for them.   Remedies need to be delivered with love and I have always found that horses do love their remedies.  They have a deep knowing, as do all animals.

At DCH we use 35 years of experience in homeopathy, not just with human beings, but also with our animal friends.  In particular the equine section has some of the most fascinating and original teaching to offer.   If you are interested in studying you can contact DCH via the form below.   If you love horses, then you know, it is a lifetime love!

The Joy and Relief of Working with Images


When we work with images we relieve ourselves of the pressure of words.  Far too often words are literal and absolute, and images allow the pressure to come off that channel, with all that it implies and to relax into an image.  An image allows all the content to find an expression and hold it, like a vessel.

Images can come from a patient recounting their dreams, or from closing their eyes and checking what comes up when they are trying to describe sensations, feelings, and so forth.   Homeopathy gets landlocked in language without appropriate mining in etymology.   Have a dig around the origins of words can be so helpful.  We also need to be culturally aware that words can hold different meanings in various languages, and with consultations reaching all over the world, we need to be able to do some research into the realms of meaning here.

It is often helpful to consider to mythology or original fairy stories to find images associated with those from both dreams or short imaginings in the consulting room.  Children of course have no problem expressing their imagination and the drawings often brought as gifts or done in the consulting room are a treasure house of images which provide such a direct route to the assistance that they require at that time.