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Heartlines – Opening Up to the Path

At DCH our Post-Graduates are encouraged to undertake the proving of a new remedy or remedies, and to create a body of work surrounding the proving.  Kathryn Turton-Lane recently completed her Post Graduate Diploma and her book is finally completed.

Many experienced homeopaths will already be familiar with Ayahuasca and its early provings in the United Kingdom.    This proving comes with a difference, as it fully reflects the experiences of the Ayahuasca Ritual.  I will not spoil it for you by revealing this, but needless to say, it has opened up a road to understanding this most unique substance in a way which was not perceived previously.    It was a tremendous undertaking and Kathryn has done the most amazing job with it.     At present the book is available from Heidi Rose Homeopathy or from Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy.



Kathryn Turton Lane Book