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The Peacocks Tail – Dreams & Alchemy

Following on from the tremendous response to this workshop, DCH will be offering this once again during 2018.   No matter where you are in the world. if you are a homeopathic professional and have become “jaded” in your practice, then it is time to spread your wings again!

An exciting and motivating way to work with your patients at a deep and powerful level. The patient’s dreams are not simply a ‘direct ticket into the repertory for a trite response.  Something along the lines of two remedies suggested,  usually fairly patriarchal and,  sexist.   This is the insanity of the mismatched materia medicas and repertories, which  attempts to use a language, which is limited by social and cultural morays.  I think this is why so few homeopaths use dreams, or write fairly inane books still bowing at the holy cow of the past.

When we get to know our own soul language, we become sensitised, alerted even to the description of the night-journey/daydream journey taken by our patients and by the deeper direction communicated throughout the language/symbols and metaphors.  This is a known language, but one we have to re familiarise ourselves with.  Small children know this language, intimately.   I love working with these little people, the veil has not covered them over yet!   Their dreams and their drawings which are an extension of their inner world, and the other reality are very clear to them and can be to us as well.

Here we have so much more than a trite response, here we have a doorway past the masks, to what actually is going on, what is truly being communicated.  Here we have the invitation to transformation , to participation, to love.  653041-bigthumbnail

The Peacocks Tail-  Dreams & Alchemy in Homeopathy

Are you ready to participate and then to use this method to assist others on the journey?