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2018 – Studying with Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy

secret garden2018 is just around the corner and so many changes going on in the world, for everyone, both personally and right out there, we all need to take a moment, and take a breath and just slow down and maybe ask ourselves a few questions about what we want for ourselves, what we are drawn to and whether we are honouring that pull towards really expressing ourselves.

For some people, the pull towards the vocation of homeopathy is huge.  It is not for everyone. Real homeopathy cannot be packaged up and sold as it seems to be today. It is a vocation, something far deeper, far more life changing and it needs to be mentored well, supported gently, yet strongly and nurtured like a flower blooming towards the sun. Its deep roots lie in the truths contained deep within the practitioner and the patient.

If you feel that you are called to the awakening, and are ready to step through that door, then call DCH and arrange for an interview appointment and for an application brochure.

It is clear that the world needs more homeopaths, but good vocational homeopaths, who are responding to the call.   Is that you?