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Medially Speaking

So many people have some fairly mixed up ideas about what homeopathy is, and what it does, even what the homeopath themselves do and. their part in the whole process.

Let’s start with the homeopath.   From the outside it looks a little like just going in and making a complaint about what’s not feeling good and coming out with a few white pills. There is that perception.  Its got a bit of the quick visit to the local medico surrounding it, but you know that’s not it.     On the other hand, there are those who feel a change coming in their lives and are tuned in enough to know that they need support and assistance to move through the change.  Then, there are those who know they need help with the whole of themselves and really want to take responsibility for their over all health.  At DCH we use the word, “health” to cover a synergy of body, mind and spirit.  They cannot be separated.

Patient’s perceptions can be a bit like an Asian Banquet Menu!    A homeopath has a multitude of sides to them.   Many people feel that they have somewhat of a counselling capacity because homeopaths seem to be very interested in people’s emotional past as well as their medical history.    Because they ask such delving questions and want to discuss the patient’s dreams and fears, many people look at them as some type of psychologist or analyst.   Many people feel that homeopaths are very deeply esoteric healers!

To put it simply and singularly, a homeopath is a medial person.  This means they are able to simply stand on the boundary between the patient and the world and to translate how the patient feels, operates, experiences, lives and so much more, towards a remedy which is aligned with all of this, which they know will assist in the recovery of their patient’s “Health”. (again health being defined above).

They are a medial person.  A mediatrix, if you like, and I am using that for both genders are, as there are as many male homeopaths as female these days.  They are indeed,.   looking in all the directions, for the way home for their patient.

At DCH we know from nearly 30 years of homeopathy, that every student will colour this particular image in a different way.   Each student will come to the college to study homeopathy only to find that a part of themselves that they always knew was present, as the healer, the mediator, has now stepped forward to reveal themselves in their own individual colours.

If you are going to undertake a journey, such as this,  then make sure you choose a guide who has been there and back, many times before.

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