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Aperture Homeopathy Training (C) – An Interview with Dhanistha Devi Dasi Founder and Creator of Aperture and Principal of the Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy.

Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy  is the only  homeopathic college, world-wide which teaches Aperture Homeopathy.  This amazing method of homeopathy was devised by the Principal of the College, Dhanistha Devi Dasi.   Dhanistha has had the great good fortune of working as a homeopath in many countries world-wide, during her 30 years of experience as a homeopath.

When I asked her about the methodology and how it came about, we started to speak about the real expressions of the fundamental laws of nature, and the fact that really, they are very, very simple in their concepts.   We spoke about the images which  arise  around such concepts  and, which tend to support these laws of nature.  Of course most theories or methods as we call them in homeopathy need to evolve or sometimes to be revised to match the needs of the patients.  There are times, we both agreed that ” you don’t know what you don’t know, but that remaining open allows in possibilities”.

We then spoke about the emergence in recent years of various methods of homeopathy which really seem to make a difference.  These of course, are often working models which are employed to assist patients and, of course, can change at any given time or, they can be modified or applied or used in different ways.

Some of these methods though she felt, were timeless and emerged from the core of mankind’s psyche and this is where she believes Aperture (TM) emerged from and, also why it lends itself to all patients as it shape shifts to meet ‘just where they are at” and then provides such a picture of depth and breadth that it is as if a “camera lens were placed into the psyche from which all the somatizations emerged”.

Dhanistha put it very well, so much so I felt all my images about our conversation start to shift to that point!

Aperture Methodology (TM) is exciting.  Whether you enrol into an Undergraduate course, one of the Post Graduate or Masters Professional Degrees, you can be brought into the “shape of Aperture”.

Check out all the courses DCH has to offer at these professional levels or enrol for one of the Get Away Weekend Workshops for Professionals held locally in the Byron Bay area of Northern New South Wales.

The next Aperture Intensive is May 2018.   If you are looking to expand your skills and add to your professional development portfolio, then this is for you.

Always ensure that the homeopath you consult is fully qualified.  If you are looking for an Aperture Methodology (TM) Homeopath then ensure that they are registered with us, and display this in their credentials all Aperture Trained and Certified Homeopaths hold a Diploma from Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy and have the added Aperture Certification.

 Their qualifications should reveal this.  If you are unsure then contact us and we will check the Register to ensure that they are on our list of graduates.  It is unfortunate though, that in today’s world people often hold themselves out to be someone they are not.  Your health and well being is paramount so it is vital to ensure that you are being treated by a qualified and insured homeopath.

Aperture Homeopathy (TM) is only taught at The Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy.





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A Day In the Life of DCH-Going for Gold

“I first met Dhanistha, the Principal of DCH a few years back when I attended an open day in Melbourne, Victoria.   I have been fascinated with homeopathy for many years and so decided to attend the open day.  It was one of those grey days in Melbourne, during winter time which was cold and wet.   However, the welcome I received was extremely warm both from the students and from Dhanistha, herself.

The relaxed atmosphere of the college was wonderful. Everyone was considered an equal and all contributions to discussions were valuable and at times, during these conversations, as Dhanistha called them, I felt completely connected to the subject, no matter what that subject was!    There was a real sense of learning which was fun, coupled with the deeper feeling/knowing,  that I would grow here.  Not just as a homeopath.  I knew that pretty quickly when I met Dhanistha.   I have done enough work on myself in my life to know when core values align, and shared images occur.   I felt that this course would take me further along my path, and that in so doing, my ability to assist others with healing, and come to a deeper understanding of the amazing art that homeopathy is.

To say I was inspired and felt that I had “caught alight” would be an understatement!  However, as life often does have other plans, I had to take the relocation position offered by my job and move interstate.

As luck would have it I decided to “re-sit in” via distance, which basically meant via a Skype call to see if, once again, I would catch the passion, and make the commitment to study homeopathy.    Once again, during the call, or live feed, I felt this tremendous connection, not just to the other students, but to Dhanistha.   She has a fantastic sense of humour and a way of delivering information that just seems to seep right through to your core, changing you while you are listening.   I related this back to the oral tradition of many teachings around the world.   DCH also opens its doors to other inspiring teachers, from many crafts, who are also wise women known to “hold the space” during the birth of new growth.

Pragmatically, the  main aim of DCH is to grow good homeopaths and,  human beings.  I agree, they are both part of what comprises a healer.  It was clear to me that DCH provides its students with the confidence to use what they are taught and to empower them to be okay with that, and with what growth brings.   Growth of course, being an inevitable part of enrolling in a course such as this.

30 years experience as a homeopath certainly shows as Dhanistha enrols and empowers her students into the art of homeopathy and human personal growth.    DCH has always worked with smaller groups, with their emphasis always being on the personal touch.  I really liked that.  I felt incredibly sure that this experience was a tremendously solid platform upon which she was able to stand and teach.    It does take many many years of committed clinical practice, world-wide, to accumulate this type of knowledge and be able to initiate, because that is what it is, these people into homeopathy.

As one of the other students said, “this is more than just a homeopathy college, it is so much deeper than that.  It is  not for everyone.  It is for those who really want to jump into the water, get wet, dry out, be ignited and keep repeating this alchemical process in order to get to the gold.”    ” Wow,” I thought.   When I heard that, I made my mind up.  I was in.  I wanted to go for the gold!   I am starting in June 2016 and I know this is going to be life changing.        Or, in the words of Rumi, ”

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”

Anne  B. (Melbourne. Victoria)



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Meet – Ups and The Alchemy of Casetaking – Two solutions for the Frozen Mind

cabaritaHere we are two months into 2016.   Time, as ever appears to be moving quickly.  As we look towards the students returning to College or, commencing their experience of homeopathic training, its not hard to notice that, as always, there is more change.

Culture and Society are always moving the change metre, the attention or the focus, based on the image that is currently being sold.  Its so fast, most people don’t even notice!  Except, these are the flat and cold images, not the two way images which connect the interior and exterior worlds, in a flow.  That is the impersonal world.   Some of you know of what I speak.    Homeopathy is so much more personal, and, if you are reading this, then I think you know that already!

Where once homeopathy was more focused on its evolution and the emergence of new remedies, and discovery, it has now speed up to being more focused on how to survive in this allopathic world, with more distractions such as higher insurance, scientific papers and even desperately, trying to stretch itself into acceptability in places which really require more of the “white coat”, when really it was never that.    As with everything in culture and society, its a bit tribal these days!  Different tribes, different opinions.  But what about talking the images, expanding the work through deep conversation and sharing, burning the fires of passion for this amazing art?

There are still those pockets of activity, where the real alchemy, the real cooking is still going on.   It is there.   We see it in the odd books which slip out.   You know the books, those beautiful things you can actually have a relationship with and are not the slick, computerized, fast track to image, but the beautiful relationship of the author’s discoveries, thoughts and images, held in your hand, felt between your fingers, even written on, yes, written on.

I have always written on my favourite books.   It reveals my affection with them, my relationship with them, the drawings, the extra words, the doodles the circlings, all swirling in an alchemical relationship with the book, which changes me while I read it, or contemplate it, or even re-read it 25 years later!  Reviewing the images I made on the books, work on me still, like a long forgotten yantra or mandala.

Everything is filled with the possibility of transformation.  The book, the courses we undertake, the synchronistic meeting, the workshop, even the boredom of doing it the same way and feeling that somehow, the passion has gone out of it all!

Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy offers two possibilities for this frozen feeling!  The first are Meet-Ups.  These are quick two hour get together for professionals over direct live feed, wherever you are in the world, which will cover a specific subject in homeopathy.

The second are two day workshops.  The first of these is The Alchemy of Case taking which is being held in June 2016.

If you are a professional homeopath or a student of homeopathy in a qualified college, then you may be interested in a little fresh air, and some flow, some interchange, some connection.

Feel free to contact us:

61 02 80058205







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Just what is healing?

More than ever we need to become more personal, as this world becomes distinctly impresonal

The Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy

Healing is a call. It is a call to pay attention; to stop and to listen to the message coming from deep within, no matter what the presenting symptoms appear to be. It is, indeed, a call, to pay attention to all that has been locked behind closed doors, and is leeching energy from the present moment of healing opportunity.

In this hyped up world, the majority would rather suppress the call, along with the symptoms and futilely ignore it.

However, what is suppressed, always, always returns.

Those who hear the call, will, even a teaspoon at a time, sift the contents of what caused them to be where they are in order to find repose.

Carl Jung once said, “If you can prove receptive to this “call of the wild,” the longing for fulfilment will quicken the sterile wilderness of your soul as rain quickens dry earth.”


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