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Purposeful Principles

The Mundaka Upinashad refers to the two birds situated in the heart chakra. One is the soul of the person occupying the body and the other is Supersoul, that portion of the Almighty which exists in all living creatures.

Supersoul watches and waits for the Soul to notice its existence and, more particularly, to enter into dialogue, to take up the path of personal growth.

If you are searching for a College to study with in order to become a healer, a homeopath, you have obviously started listening to your inspiration, that voice which comes from within!

Today, I want to quote from the Charaka Samita, “There is nothing in the world which does not have a therapeutic value in the appropriate quantity, condition and situation.”

I love this quote. It fully expounds the Principles of Homeopathy. These timeless Principles are the foundation of homeopathy, linking it directly to the heart of nature, creation and beyond. The methods of homeopathy are secondary; they are positions taken in relation to the Principles, but are not the Principles, themselves. The Principles, are timeless, ageless and eternal.

One has to learn to ride the bike with the training wheels on first, and methodology in homeopathy provides just this guidance, this structure to hold the Principles, at that point, in that moment in time.

Carl Jung was always adamant about the quality of the moment, with everything being completely contained in a particular moment, in time. More often than not, that is where the homeopath is standing; the fulcrum of that moment with the patient and what is actually and really needed right then.

When you are choosing a College to study with, in order to open up to “who you really are as a homeopath”, consider carefully what serves you most in moments of growth; what supports you during passages of change, because if there is any sense at all of the timeless principles which relate not just to homeopathy, but to personal growth, you will know that what you need is more than simply a lateral string of words, a limited dichotomy based upon what really constitutes healing and everything associated with it, you require a much more personal and organic partnership.

This is what Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy provides. Personal, organic nurturing, whilst you explore both the depths of who you are, and just what homeopathy is, and how this dance will find itself expressed in your life.  DCH stands on over 30 years experience in homeopathy, worldwide.   Homeopathy is a life vocation, a calling an awakening, and it is so important to be guided by experience.  Experience is something  which takes years to accumulate, both in terms of knowledge and responses, and, of course in personal growth.

It is vital that the training institution you choose is associated with a quality homeopathic organisation who are solely devoted to maintaining high standards of both homeopathic training and practice.  It is for that reason that Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy belongs to the Australian Guild of Homeopaths.  This is a not for profit organisation whose sole and only purpose is homeopathy, the maintenance of high standards of both teaching and practice.

In this cheap world of quickie courses, and plastic promises, Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy delivers and starts future homeopaths on the road to growth.

It is also important that the organisation to which any training provider belongs also holds information in terms of the professional development timetable of graduated and long term practising homeopaths.  Every quality healer knows how important this is.

Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy is the only College which teaches Aperture Methodology (TM).  This unique method was devised by the Principal of the College, Dhanistha Devi Dasi and cannot be found to be taught elsewhere.   Dhanvantari College holds a Register of the appropriately qualified and certified homeopaths it has graduated and who belong to the quality organisation which is the Guild.

Undertaking homeopathic training is a step towards an enormous time filled with personal development.   Don’t risk this to anything less than years of experience and credibility.