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Take your Passion and Make it Happen! Study homeopathy with Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy in 2016

Studying with DCH and becoming an Aperture Prescribing™ Homeopath WILL change your life, your outlook and yourself! Here’s what some of our graduates, nearly graduates and, existing students have to say…
Being a student at The Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy has been so much more than I expected. It has helped me to become a whole, healthy & happy human being in turn an effective & engaged homeopath.  I feel that the staff, predominantly Dhanistha Devi Dasi (Principal), supports us on every level allowing us to become true healers in every sense of the word.
Clare Deale, Student (Graduate)

I thought I was enrolling to study homeopathy but it has been so much more than that. This course has been life changing in such a positive way and also shown me that homeopathy is far more powerful than I ever imagined. As another perceptive student at this college once said to me “…studying with Dhanvantari is a remedy (homeopathy) in itself”.
Cath Jeffrey, Student (about to Graduate)

Two years of study, using Aperture Homeopathy, has been an opportunity to unfold my life where I was attached to staying still. One cannot learn to practise a modality of any sort without embracing their own healing, all part of becoming a Homeopath. Listening to one’s own story and the stories of patients, attentive listening is part of the healing for the soul, of being heard. College weekends are a wealth of knowledge delivered via direct feed or contact hours. Guidance is given at direct feed or contact hours. Guidance is given at every step of the way by Dhanistha (Principal) and staff members. Studying has given me an absolute passion for Aperture Prescribing, and above-all the opportunity to do countless Clinical contact hours with patients, to put all the therapy into actual practise.
Kathryn Turton-Lane, Graduate.
Homeopathy is not just a profession, another therapy or type of alternative treatment, it is a journey that you venture on to discover not only the cause of disease or how to cure it in your patients but to open your eyes to what is really happening in our world from the beginning of times to now and onward. To me one of the many unique things about the Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy is the way all the bits of the giant puzzle that is LIFE are brought together piece by piece over these two years to complete the picture of who we truly are and how we fit into this vast universe. Dhanistha has a wealth of knowledge and experience in many areas of life and it is this combined with her honest, caring and exciting style of teaching that makes this journey truly life changing and life enhancing in every way. Dhanistha has opened my eyes, my soul and my heart to become the humble healer I need to be to make a significant difference in my patients’ lives and it is thanks to the Student Clinic that I graduated necessary to make this my living.

Jessica Major, Graduate.


with the confidence necessary to make this my living.



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The Importance of the Elders

knitting nanas

The noble purpose of the elders is what has been missing from the menu of life for sometime.   At DCH, we have long conversations about the different life stages, crises and archetypal influences of becoming a human being.  It is both beautiful and poignant that the image of the Krone, in all her glory has stepped out right into the major issues surrounding coal seam gas.

After all, stepping out and not caring is the pejorativemorai of the elderly.   To borrow a term from Jungian circles, “the elderly are both endlessly patient, and singularly explosively angry”.  And rightly so, they are the ones who really “have nothing to loose” by stating that the “emperor has no clothes on”.   In this instance, these amazing Krones are standing there like the moirae from Greek Mythology who used to weave the web of fate for each human life.   Perhaps, that is what they are doing, as they knit and protest, standing before the destructive force which could penetrate not only the beauty of the local area, but contaminate it from life, rendering the water, both flammable, deadly and poisonous.   They are, indeed, standing at the Gates to the Underworld and saying “No, no way”.

This amazing protest, provides also the images needed by so many human beings who need to see the elderly in the community as something of value, of real value, more than a money making commodity in a nursing home.  As someone who has grown down into the “who they really are in life with all the colour and character that brings” both in protest and in protection.

This stand that they take, is for all of us, all souls and for the soul of the land and the world, the Anima Mundi.  We are singularly blessed by them and grateful for their wise teaching.