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The language of the image and the image in the language in case taking

Language and its understanding and usage in case-taking can be a stumbling block ending up in a type of, “intellectual prison” which simply folds the patient in half and staples them, like all good “generic supposition” does or, it can open both the homeopath and the patient into the deeper realms of the world of the patient.

Why does anything actually have to be wrong?  Who actually decides it is and upon what basis is that decision made?  Culture, society and tribalism effect everything, nothing is free of it, even in today’s concrete world, away from the sacred canopy and its “natural and often wild and frightening feedback” system.  What was without and dealt with in the external communal tribal situation,  has now been withdrawn into the inner world of the human psyche.  People are left to try to figure out how it all fits together, and, perhaps, during growth spurts it is actually not meant to!

I still love that quote from Jurassic Park by the Chaos Scientist, Ian Malcolm,  played by Geoff Goldbloom, where he says that no matter how they try to control the “natural world” it will always explode, back out from that control!   And this is very much present in the psyche today, this control, this pressure to conform, to be perfect, to meet the “image of the concept” we just bought, because really we buy the concepts and then beat ourselves up trying to meet them and we do it at every level, with our food, with our relationships, with our jobs, there is no end to the “continual purchase” of the “concept image”.  No wonder people become confused and later somatize the process in the body.  The body is, however, a great vessel of transmutation, some heat, some processing and it actually can clear up “what it needs to”.   Unfortunately the image is “misread, misdiagnosed and eventually mistreated” and the loop continues, dropping in ever larger levels every time the re-surfacing of the event raises its head and is suppressed.

Unfortunately many healers think that they are ‘helping with their suppression, with their ‘numbing down, so it all appears “ok and appropriate and calm”.  I do not ever remember reading about any transmutative process, fulfilling that description.  How can we as homeopaths mentor our patients through their transitions if we subscribe to the ‘dumb down based on the incorrect assessment from the “image and the language trade-off”.

Going even further, perhaps the patient is simply challenging our own ‘cold dumbing down and concept purchase’ which we, ourselves, refuse to challenge.   I mean how can anyone take someone further than they have gone themselves, when their own fears and limitations are projected into the consulting room?

Its time to feel uncomfortable, because that is a great place to start, at least there is some ‘feeling process’ going on and not a ‘numbing’.    This has an implication of movement of stimulation of some type of “life’ expression occuring.  Its a start, and the journey then becomes a far more interesting topic of discussion.

(This is an excerpt from Language and the Image in Homeopathy.  Copyright D. D. Dasi Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy.  No part of this may be reproduced in any manner without written permission)  Photograph by Surreal Photos.

Let the Image Work on You, its an amazing remedy!