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Homeopathy and the Health in Children

Yes, another beautiful photograph by Anne Geddes.  She really seems to capture the beauty and the inner health which can be clearly seen through a child’s eyes.

Homeopathy is a cornerstone in what I call “good preventative health care”.  By working with the child’s constitution, we are treating the child, before situations move into becoming either, damaging to the system, or into an irreversible place.    In other words, we are treating the constitution, and its weaknesses.  No-one body is perfect.  We all come with little imperfections and weaknesses and, strengths.  By treating in this way, the children become stronger, and they are not open to establishing a pattern of disease which then has a “name” and, also on going liabilities in life.

This is why it is so important to enrol in a homeopathic constitution and look towards creating a healthy present and future for the child in their life, as they move through the most important growth cycles of their lives.   An enormous amount of growth takes place in childhood.    It is noteworthy, that few children are born that healthy in today’s world.  I have found with my own children, now all grown, my grandchildren, and the hundreds of children I have treated over my career as a homeopath, that if the mother is treated before conception and during pregnancy, we see a much better quality of child.

If you have been lucky enough to be present at the birth of such a child, and I have attended many, many births, these children emerge, shinning, peaceful and “doll like”.  Exquisitely beautiful, with a resounding and radiant energy which has a huge presence of wholeness in the birthing room.  These are very health children, indeed.

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