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All Colours Are Part of the Rainbow which is Homeopathy Today!

Homeopathy has a beautiful history.   There has been so much contribution, from so many sources from around the world, if we were to look at it from a distance, we would see an exquisite patchwork quilt.   All these methods, approaches and homeopathsl forming part of the multifarious colours of Homeopathy.

Homeopathy’s basic tenants revolve around individuality.   Truly listening to what an individual has to say and then finding that “story” or “theme” reflected in a remedy or remedies and returning this to the patient via the prescription.

In all of my history as a practitioner I have had a very firm belief which still stands me in good stead today.   There is a homeopath for every patient and there is a method for every patient.   This belief allows patients to find their right homeopath, who is then able to select the right method and ultimately the right remedy or remedies for their patient in order to afford healing.  This is the real individuality, this is what provides the freedom of choice, and ultimately the freedom to choose healing.

As with all matters homeopathic, it is really rather simple.   During these rather strange times, as the world is changing its view as to what constitutes health and healing, homeopaths need to stop being “tribal” and start being homeopaths, placing homeopathy and its evolution first, over egos and differences.    As with everything in culture and society, tribalism causes problems and does neither unite or act as an inclusive or nurturing parent of all of those who were passionately moved enough to follow it and take up the role of healer/homeopath.

Quite honestly, I have always found it so exciting when a new Materia Medica is published, a new repertory, a new method is birthed into being or when someone opens yet another treasure box of information which will serve to assist my patients.   That excitement and, that passion is what causes people to choose homeopathy, not just as a career, but as a way of life.     If it does not become a way of life, then a practitioner becomes stagnant, stuck and has nothing whatsoever to offer a patient.

I recall a Beneton add from the 1990’s which referred to the “United Colours of Benneton” and showed children from around the world, all different colours and races.    I really feel, quite strongly, there needs to be a United Colors of Homeopathy, or as my own Gurudeva would say, “simultaneously the same but different”.

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Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy – Homeopathic Training

As a course provider, DCH offers many options to choose from.   If you are interested in homeopathy, but not ready to undertake a Professional Diploma, there are many foundation courses available which are subject related.  This means that they relate to a particular area or subject matter.  For example, many mothers choose to undertake the one day Mommy and Me course in order to mange the family at home.  There is a full list of subject related one day foundation courses available from DCH.

DCH offers a full professional Diploma in Homeopathy, DCH, Dip. Hom to those who are ready to take the big step towards becoming a professional homeopath.  DCH currently has many graduates who are in successful homeopathic practices.

Also available at DCH is the Post-Graduate Diploma which is available to graduates of the Professional Diploma from DCH or, those professional homeopaths who are graduates from other homeopathic colleges around the world.   The Post Graduate Diploma is extremely popular as it includes a self-selection on a topic related to publication.

Aperture Methodology (TM) Intensive Seminars:  Available only to professional qualified homeopaths.

DCH is thrilled to announce the Masters Degree in Paediatric Homeopathy which is available only to professionally qualified homeopaths.

Wherever you are at in your passion for homeopathy, like all of us, we enjoying exploring this fascinating and ever evolving method of healing.

All our professional courses are linked to ensure that homeopaths receive the full well rounded and professional training expected in today’s world community of homeopaths.

Never accept anything which is second best in any type of training.  Always check the credentials of any organization or teachers.   Years of experience speaks volumes.  There are too many quickie courses on the market today which are dangerous to the participants and to those members of the public they later treat.  Always, always seek out professional training and treatment.

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The Mix which is Good Health

So many people today ask what constitutes “good health”.   And, of course, what causes “bad health”.  However, it is never one single element, it is a mixture.   It is like a cake mixture.   Good health comprises where you have come from, your family history and by that I do not simply mean genes.   Homeopathy looks at miasm, and we tend to call it ancestral energies as it makes it easier to understand.   It also looks at events, shocks, auto-toxins, both within the womb and after birth, life style choices, foods, attitudes and core beliefs.

It can seem at times that one incident, one single event can just tip the scales and most people tend to hone right in on that single event, but that event was simply the “straw which broke the camel’s back”.   The mixture is comprised of all of the above and far more.  Where we are unconsciously placed in our family of origin, how the family operates and relates, how we relate to the external world and how we work that out within our internal world.

Freud once said that “what is suppressed always returns” and he was right.  The early homeopaths were right, they said exactly the same thing.   Suppressing symptoms causing the “message” to return in an often louder and angrier way than the original “whisper”.   The suppression of symptoms relates not only to physical symptoms, but to emotional symptoms.   People suppress each other in their expression of life, of who they are.  Systems created within cultures and societies also behave exactly the same way.   To become a healthy individual one has to step away from that towards one’s own calling.  In short, to be healthy, means to honour yourself and that is usually the first step which is taken when someone seeks homeopathy as a source of healing.

A consultation with a homeopath encompasses all of the above and, more!   A homeopath is interested in hearing everything about a patient, not simply their “medical history”.    The nature of the consultation is such, that being able to share so much about oneself to a homeopath, is in and of itself, the therapeutic event, and, really the first step towards healing.   Walking down the road deep within is often challenging, but those who take the journey are aware of how freeing this is to their health and it shows.  It shows in every possible way in their life.  No human being is “simply a set of symptoms”.    Human beings are more than that.     Human beings deserve more than that.

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“The House that Jack Built”

We all remember that old nursery rhyme.   When we look at why poor health occurs, when taking a case,  a homeopath takes into account many, many factors.  The most vital and important one is Miasm.  This is a heavy word, and one not well understood by the general public, nor by many homeopaths, in depth.    We could use the word “soil” to describe Miasm, an old and well used professional term, or “Ancestral Energies”, which is possibly and easier term to wrap one’s thinking processes around.

Miasm is a continual influencing factor in all health, at all times, and, at all levels.    It is more than genetics, it is a descriptive of something which is far deeper, and moves beyond the “germ theories” and “contamination fears” held in the 21st century.  The homeopath, obviously, also takes into account the presence of that which is not natural to the body, drugs, auto-toxins and other exposures.   This article, however, is about Miasm.

Miasm is a subject which takes many years to come to terms with, maybe even a lifetime as a homeopath.  It needs due consideration, exploration and contemplation!  It will reveal itself to a professional if they provide the same. (We would recommend if you wish to really understand Miasm that you seek training with DCH.  Dhanistha Devi Dasi’s book

‘Miasm – The Deepest Exploration of the Universe”  is filled with astounding information, insights, and understanding.

Much homeopathic literature tends towards all types of descriptive indications for assessing the presence of this energy.   There is no way of getting past it.   It is at the absolute root of health problems.  By that I refer to all problems associated with being in the body.    It is often seen, in a dogmatic way as something “bad”.   There are, however, always, two sides to everything.    That is a natural law.   In as much as there are definite polarities in the presentation of remedies, there are also polarities in the presentation of Miasm.   In all the descriptions of the homeopathic provings conducted on Miasmatic nosodes, ( Note that miasmatic nosodes are  homeopathic remedies created in the same dilution/succussion theme which forms the basis of homeopathic pharmacy) there are also very clear polarities in their pictures.

They present the dark, the light and the shades of grey in-between.  It is important though, not to throw the baby out with the bathwater here, because if some of these energies were not present, certain “movement in life would not occur”.   This is the plane of action, this is the plane of movement.   There is no getting away from this.

An example of this would be the Tubercular miasm with its links to chest problems, asthmas, certain types of eczema, and gastro-intestinal problems, with all the associated emotional and physical restlessness which occurs.   However, if we did not have the presence of the Tubercular miasm, then we would not have the artists,the poets, the inspired drive or need to travel, to discover more about our beautiful planet, nor would we be driven to seek out love, to seek connection.   As with all matters related to nature, there is a need to find a balanced position on the see-saw.

Our house, the body in which we live, is constructed upon this basis.   It sets out our features, our body types, our level of constitutional wellness and many other factors.    These miasmatic pictures used to be quite clear, but with the level of suppression occurring today, and the multiple auto-toxic exposure which comes from being a human being on the planet, these indicators are often clouded over.    To truly assist the patient, to come to an understanding at how they “arrived at where they are at” a homeopath needs to have a good understanding of Miasm, and a willingness to both observation, research and the recording of clinical practice findings.     We are, living, in an age, which is so incredibly Syphillitic, (another part of the Miasmatic Family), that behind the “masks” of the cosmetics, plastic surgery, perfumes, and media created images, that the “truth is often not seen at first glance”.

Miasm can find a level of expression in a whole age, in a whole generation, even over and above the combination which occurs when two people meet and reproduce.   In order to understand the House in which we reside, we need to understand Miasm at this level.

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Nourishing Communication and Eating Disorders. Finding the Path to Wholeness (Part 1)

I always receive so many questions in relation to the issues of eating disorders.

This is a huge topic to address and would take much more space than a simple article.

The term “eating disorders” covers everything from anorexia to bulimia, to obesity and, to the more recent problems in relation to food allergies and associated problems which are experienced by so many people today.

However, it is vital to remember that like any complex chronic situation, it is never one issue alone.  I will repeat that

It is never, ever, one issue alone.   Deep at the root of such problems there is always the experience of the primal relationship which is meant to create the nourishing communication which takes place between parents and their children.

This is part of nature’s biology.  In other words, it is inherently built into the system, as it were.

Unfortunately,this does not always occur.

It is however, the fulcrum upon which the rest of the symptoms turn.   At any given moment, if the truth is not being expressed, the body will certainly reveal its displeasure via symptoms.  These symptoms will be emotional and physical.  They will express themselves in terms of behaviours and communication, the ability to be present in relationships, in friendships, in life.  They inhibit the human being, being a true human being!

When a homeopath considers a chronic case, they are not simply looking at the physical symptoms alone.  These are the “end result” of the deeper problem appearing on the surface.  If these deeper somatic reasons are not treated, they will continue to to re-occur, contextually, within the psyche and, consequently, throughout the life of a patient, emerging as further emotional and physical problems

In other words, there is continual and, further deterioration both physically and emotionally.

When patients attempt to deal with chronic problems alone, they short change themselves of being able to follow the true direction to the real and deep cause.

The directive path is obtained by a homeopath when they thoroughly take the case.  Taking a case is not simply a gathering of physical symptoms, although this does occur.  It involves a probing of the deeper aspects of the psyche via the therapeutic event, which is the consultation with the homeopath.

In this 21st century people “hear what they see”.  This means that “what appears on the surface” is taken as being “real and true”.   Of course, with make-up, plastic surgery, and all the motivating media-hype in relation to the same, the general public are well and truly sold into this illusion, this fantasy.  The “idealization” of the perfect face, body, life is constantly held at a premium value in today’s society.  This “false idealization” is deeply traumatic for those who aspire to meet its unreachable level.

Unfortunately, there are just as many “snake oil salesmen and women” today as there were when the Wild West was settled. The internet is full of them.  The world runs this way.  They are everywhere, at all levels of life.

Patients often make the same mistakes, tragically, when they both self diagnose and treat themselves, running from one “best new thing” to the “next”.  It is a consequence that this lack of trust in any “real healing work” only indicates their own deep lack of trust in themselves, and is to be found in the parenting they, themselves, received as children.   If parents do not receive this nourishing communication, they are unable to provide the same for their own children.  There are, of course, percentages here.  There is no “perfect situation”.   This does not exist.  Such an ideal belongs “in the realm of the gods”.

Further, such people are unable to place their faith in what is called “natural instinct” and, therefore, proceed to live on a knife-edge of uncertainty and suspicion.  Often they mistake the “natural instinct” for some type of “health revolution”, but this is also part of the core delusion.   Of course, it is no surprise that such people have highly stressed nervous systems, and choose to roll through life, completely unconsciously, due to their own unresolved issues.   In such an environment, it would be difficult for  their own children to simply relax, and do what children do best, to grow and to thrive in a healthy way, both physically and emotionally.  Whilst, ideally, this “nourishing communication” is meant to take place in the “basking love” of parents who are connected both to their natural instinct, and to the unique processes of nature and its cycles of life, growth and healing, unfortunately, more often than not, it does not occur.

The lack of nourishing communication emerges as an “unconscious expectation” acted out by the parents upon the child, to “fill the gap, the hole, the need” which is a huge void within themselves.    Treatment of such patients require treatment of the whole of the family, as these unconscious placements and agreements are complex and tangled.  Healing of the whole always has an ongoing affect on the other family members.

Adults suffering from eating disorders are still enacting the gaps from their childhood, and repeating contextually exactly the same patterns, although the “content” as presented, will, from time to time, be different.  In other words, the story is the same.  These illnesses are not only “screams for attention in life” but “a scream from the child within” for what was not provided.  As society and culture constantly devalues what was once considered important for the survival of the species, these problems will keep occurring and worsening as generations continue.

The body never lies.  To quote Alice Miller, PhD. “The body is a guardian of the truth”.  

Every human being, by their very nature, needs to be able to live and express their truth.

In the Organon, when Hahnemann speaks of the “emotional state of the patient” he is therein referring to the deterioration of the emotional state which is compromised just like the body and not expressing “its truth”.   In other words, these emotions which are expressed along with the physical symptoms, are not the original character or personality of the patient, but part of the expression of the “dis-ease”.  In other words, the patient is not their “true self”.

When considering such problems as eating disorders, one must go to the source which holds the truth, in order to find the road to wholeness, which is healing.

Part 2 of this article will be published later this month.

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