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Healing Through Being

The nervous systems are the major superhighways of the body.  They are central to our vital well being.   Historically Yoga and Ayurveda have already taught us so much about this.   However, in this age, there seems to be little or no relief available for the body to deeply relax into the healing that is needed for this vital part of our well being to occur.

All families are interconnected via energy and simply being able to be together without distractions or any type of electrical interference can do so much healing.   When nervous systems are over wired, there is a huge toll which is taken upon the body.   The body functions as a “whole” and homeopathy is not the only healing modality which views it this way.   For one of the “parts” to be “down” it pulls down other parts with it, into a less than optimum functioning.

Simply being able to “hang out together” in a place of “love” is an amazing healing process.   Instinctive mothers realize this when they relax and put up their feet to feed their baby.  So much occurs at this time with the closeness, the touching and the relaxation.   Families need this together, regularly.   We have bought into the “need to be overstimulated” too much.   We do not realize that we are constantly “marketed” by products or associations that we do not need to indulge in 24/7.

It is clear that even in Kindergarden, which literally translates as the “garden for children” that this stress starts and a life of working to the line of perfection, which does not belong here begins, and all those associated problems start flying in.

I have seen this so often when I have given the indicated remedy in my practice room, and the hyper-child who had come in coughing and still running, having not slept all night, simply falls into a deep and profound sleep on the floor!   Firstly this indicates the right remedy, as to what he really needed, which was for this relaxation to occur, and second, his body welcomed it and reacted accordingly!

The weekend is coming.   What if you simply switched it all off and spent the day in nature with your family?  Being present to the moment and enjoying it with those you loved.   Your breathing would deepen, you would all relax, and a nice little family healing would occur.

We have done this regularly in our house for nearly 40 years.   They all know when its needed and come together and the family energy body does the rest.  It is truly beautiful and nurturing.   Try it sometime.

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What does it take to become a professional homeopath?

This is a very important question and, of course, there are many levels to the answer.   Firstly it is important to be trained by those homeopaths who have a good deal of experience in the field of homeopathy and, who are able to draw on this vast clinical experience.  It takes many, many years to be in this position to be able to turn around and share knowledge and both guide and mentor the upcoming student.

This is so important, as these experienced homeopaths have taken what they have learnt and not only tried and tested the teaching, but have been able to inform due to their extensive clinical practice.  Clinical practice is what evolves homeopathy beyond the texts and teachings.

Researching which teaching institution resonates with you is a good first step.   Like everything within our culture, homeopathy has “its own tribes”.    This simply makes the colleges as individual as the patients who arrive for treatment.   Homeopathy is based upon “individuality”.   Similarities within the difference is a good thing.  It provides a rainbow of colours which enable a good choice to be made.

Different people learn in different ways and it is always important to find the resonant interaction at that level.  It goes without saying that you also need to have experienced homeopathic treatment and, to be undergoing homeopathic treatment whilst undertaking study.

The next vital piece of the jigsaw is to be prepared to do the “self work” which is a vital part of growing into “the homeopath” you are becoming.   Any entry or segue into higher learning forms part of “life’s initiations”, whether it is to an accounting course or a homeopathic degree.  In short, it brings about massive change as beliefs and old ways of thinking are challenged to stretch and grow.

A person cannot become a professional heart centred healer unless they are prepared to grow.   Growth brings possibilities and an opening to learning and understanding at a far deeper level.   As these old beliefs and behaviours are challenged and worked with then the “original material” of the person becoming a homeopath through study, lose their hold, and as with all growth, to use an alchemical term “the gold is found”.    It goes without saying that “a healer” is also healed when assisting others with their own healing.   The practice room is no place for an inflated ego, and it is only through personal development that one can honestly find a place of humility and openness wide enough to be able to assist others through their healing.   In short, the healer needs healing!

At the Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy we are totally committed to facilitating both the teaching, based on wide clinical experience, and also, importantly, to the student’s personal growth.   Not every person is suited to this career choice.       At Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy we believe that the personal touch is far better than huge numbers which only allows for impersonal contact and this shows in the quality of all of our graduates and teaching staff.   Like any initiation process in life, studying homeopathy is a huge initiation of the self and it needs to be stewarded by those who have tread the path before and achieved both the deep experience of homeopathy and of personal transformation.   It is only then that there is “the gold which is the healer”.

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Wholeness is Required for Womens Health

Edward Whitmont the famed Jungian analyst and homeopath once said, “”The wholeness of our being can never be grasped adequately at a single point of time, but needs to be perceived as it changes, moves, evolves, and involves from birth to death and death to birth.”

When we look at what is required for a woman to be healthy, to be whole, we need to be able to follow the flow of a life, both inner and outer, as it moves through the various cycles and crises of life.  The societal and cultural background which has long weighed upon Every-woman’s shoulders still holds a heavy burden, and as groups of supportive women are only finding themselves again through support such as the Red Tent Gatherings and other Women’s Groups, there is still a long, long way to go.

What was usually instinctive in women seems to be fading.   What was provided by the elder women to those younger women approaching transitions in life, is all but gone.   The loss of the sacred and the sheer maniacal stress of the 21st century sees an enormous amount of confusion, depression and poor health at every level in women.  This in turn affects her relationships, her creativity and of course, her mothering, what to say of her very soul nature.

It is also important that homeopathic reference material be moved towards accommodating quality female references rather than the old fashioned patriarchal repertories which are still rolling around referenced “hysterics” and the more modern but still offensive references to the menstrual cycles and the emotions surrounding them.  In other words, the PMT “write off”.   Understanding what constitutes being in a woman’s body and life needs to be explored and referenced in order to bring this “into the light” and make it both helpful and revealing.

During all my years of practice I have never used such references.  I found them not only offensive but ineffectual.  It was only by going deeply within the inner world of my female patients that I was able to clearly assist them in healing their issues.    There is more to women than meets the eye.   Their inner world and their dreams holds a rich tapestry of information, and also holds all the keys to their healing.

All women deserve the time, the space and the safety to be able to explore their path of healing.   Life constantly cycles growth, and a woman’s life is filled with the highs and lows and ups and downs of the journey, and she needs to be able to understand herself from the “inside out” in order to be “who she has come to be, in wholeness”.

When afforded such an opportunity She is, indeed, a powerful and beautiful being, and a healthy balance returns to her life, and to those who participate in it.

What we really need are more Wise Women and Wise Women Circles.

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Taking care when choosing your health care

When you are seeking quality homeopathic treatment, it is important to ensure that the person, or people you seek out are either fully qualified and insured or, if they are students, that they are, indeed supervised and covered by the insurance of the particular College that they are studying with.  It is your right as a patient to enquire into this.

The Duty of Care upon practitioners who are homeopaths is held at a very high standard by the various homeopathic and other associations throughout the world.   It is very important that as a prospective patient you thoroughly check the credentials, qualifications or supervision of any person offering homeopathic treatment or advice.     There are so many shonky self styled healers today who claim to know what is the correct advice to give to any patient at any time and, unfortunately,  the world of the internet which includes all forms of social media,  is loaded both with such people.    The “all care and no responsibility” attitude of such people is downright dishonest and dangerous.

On the other hand, the internet also provides fortunate access to those practitioners who are indeed both qualified and thoroughly experienced and who can, indeed provide, quality health care and all that such care encompasses.    To be honest, would you choose a surgeon who had never before  performed an operation nor held a scalpel?   Of course, you wouldn’t.  The same applies to choosing a homeopath or other alternative therapist or healer.

Those who  choose well trained and highly experienced practitioners are able to testify to the wonderful results that they achieve.

 If you are seeking advice, it is always best to obtain it from those who are both qualified and have long experience in the field.