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Aperture Methodology = Being Able to Be Yourself

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Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that,“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

These are very wise words.  However, the step towards this state is often not made until a person has created an external “crisis”.  This crisis, of course,  comes from within.   The external crisis is simply a synchronistic reflection of what is the reality for a person, within themselves.

We can read “the world” as commencing within the constellated energy body of the birth family and see the same “story” extended out into life via early relationships, school experiences and later, employment situations and inter-personal relationships.   No-one is exempt from this.   It applies to each and every human being.   This is clearly seen through the work of such geniuses as Carl Jung, Toni Wolffe, Douglas Gillette, Robert Moore and other amazing Jungian psychologists who have made major contributions to healing and therapy providing deep insights into the somatic work of the psyche.

Within every homeopathic consultation there is a good deal of attention placed upon the constellated family energy body, its influences, for better or worse, and the patient’s perception of them.

“Perception” of course, is a very “nebulous word”.  However, as the Buddha said “If it affects you it is real” and this is quite, true of course.  

It is one of the fascinating observations a homeopath comes to see after many years of practice with patients from all walks of life and from all states of dis-ease.  This ongoing story or theme, as homeopaths term it is repeated over and over through time.   At first glance, this seems boring, and why would anyone choose to do it?   But this is what occurs, because it is an unconscious occurrence and all the frustrations are taken “out on the world without” rather than the energy being utilized to examine ” that which is occurring within.”

Everybody has a deep feeling-opinion within them as to what is “going on for them” and they are all very definite about how “they feel about it”.  As an example, in the area of Recovering Children, this is clearly seen, as often times behaviours labelled by parents as “annoying” are expressions of deeper underlying feelings of expression from a child who is frustrated at “not being heard, nor understood”.   This, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with dealing out blame or guilt.  This relates to the right to everyone to be “heard for their feelings”.   It is not something which is encouraged in this society though.  Of course, this makes no sense, as society believes it is both “advanced and superior”, but it has lost its deeper connection to families, communities, the tribe and to the sacred canopy of nature, which was able to provide balance and healing for everyone.

When everyone takes responsibility for themselves, their feelings, their stories, then there is no need to project out towards others, what one is frustrated about themselves.  In the instance of this Recovery Area, it certainly leaves a child freer to find its way back, without interference or hindrance.

In Aperture Methodology (TM) when this constellated energy of the family is examined then the homeopath is able to clearly perceive the communication of “what is needed to be done right now” and that frees the rest of the family up as well.

There has to be spaces within love, to allow everyone to heal, in their own time.  Everyone has their own distinct rhythm.  Mother Nature has her own rhythm.

Khalil Gibran once said:

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.

On this moving sea, lies the great opportunity for healing.  After practising homeopathy for nearly 30 years,  and having seen this so many times, it is still truly a joy to behold.  





Author: Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy

Dhanistha Devi Dasi is the Principal of the Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy. She has been passionately engaged with homeopathy around the world for 30 years. The Dhanvantari College is situated in beautiful Byron Bay, Northern New South Wales, Australia. The College offers professional training in homeopathy, both in attendance at the College and via Direct Live Feed, World-Wide. Dhanistha is the the creator of the Aperture Methodology of Homeopathy. Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy is the only place in the world to learn and qualify in Aperture Methodology (TM). Check with DCH for the Register of Qualified Aperture Homeopaths.

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