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Enrolling at The Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy

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What requirements do I need to enrol in the Diploma Course at Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy?

You are interested in homeopathy and natural healing

More people than ever today, are interested in taking responsibility for their health,  and are willing to ask questions and to go deeper in order to make good, healthy choices.   The desire to become a homeopath usually starts as an interest, which becomes fired into a lifelong passion, as they learn and understand more about “the whole of the human being”.

You prefer to learn by experience and not just in theory

At DCH  we do this in a very organic way.   We like our students to learn through experience and our hands on learning and student clinics provide the optimum method of achieving just this.  

You wish to train as a homeopathic practitioner in a friendly and supportive environment

DCH  has a very distinct mission statement.   Its first commitment is to the student and to making both their learning experience and their time with DCH a deeply personal and supported time of growth for them.

You want to make a difference

DCH really enjoys getting to know their students and to see their passion and commitment to making a difference.  It is truly amazing to see how this expresses itself in each and every student.  All students, just like all patients, are individuals.

You want to grow as a human being

Undertaking a training such as this is a life changing experience and provides an enormous opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

You have a passion for the exploration of homeopathy

Homeopathy ignites a passion, which lasts a lifetime.

You are committed to the evolution of homeopathy

The ongoing commitment to the evolution of homeopathy today takes many forms.  Many graduates go on to create enormously successful practices and to both research and publish on homeopathy.  Many of the DCH graduates are having truly wonderful results in their work

.    It is this work from the world community of homeopathy which keeps it ever fresh and keeps the heart and soul of homeopathy alive, as new and fascinating remedies and information come to light.  All homeopaths, whether students, graduates or long term practitioners of homeopathy contribute to this.


Author: Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy

Dhanistha Devi Dasi is the Principal of the Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy. She has been passionately engaged with homeopathy around the world for 30 years. The Dhanvantari College is situated in beautiful Byron Bay, Northern New South Wales, Australia. The College offers professional training in homeopathy, both in attendance at the College and via Direct Live Feed, World-Wide. Dhanistha is the the creator of the Aperture Methodology of Homeopathy. Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy is the only place in the world to learn and qualify in Aperture Methodology (TM). Check with DCH for the Register of Qualified Aperture Homeopaths.

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