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Destiny’s Child/Nature.Nurture/Choice to Change

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So much is made today in terms of  life being solely related and hung on the “Destiny Pole”.  In other words, “people are only their biochemistry”.  This i said to be their ” destiny” because their nature is said to be “inherited” or,  even, “food related”, which is today’s popular response.

It leaves no room for healing, or for stepping into a full and healthy life, and closes the door to any type of engagement with change or free will.   Whilst this has a small part to play, it is not the totality of who any human is.  Nature/ Nurture has an equally important part to play on this field!  I recall a case years ago where a young woman in her 20’s presented with a medicated bi-polar disorder.  Half way through the consultation she revealed she had been “adopted” early in her life, but had recently met her “birth parents”.  When I looked through her forms, she had stated that “both my parents are medicated bi-polar patients”.    However, some further  questioning revealed that she was referring not to her “birth parents” but to her “adoptive parents”.

This was an interesting and rather obvious  example of  Nature/ Nurture.  Of course, it is true all human beings are affected by the way they are reared and nurtured.   That is a given.  However, there is always so much more which can be explored by a patient who seeks to make choices and take paths which allow him or her to not only create a life that they desire, but also create a strong sense of themselves, aside from all familial and genetic influences.   Carl Jung referred to this as individuation.   This also occurs with many homeopathic patients who seek to work their way through old issues, family of origin influences and step into a life which provides them with energy, creativity and a strong sense of self.   And, after all, isn’t that what healing is all about?

Author: Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy

Dhanistha Devi Dasi is the Principal of the Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy. She has been passionately engaged with homeopathy around the world for 30 years. The Dhanvantari College is situated in beautiful Byron Bay, Northern New South Wales, Australia. The College offers professional training in homeopathy, both in attendance at the College and via Direct Live Feed, World-Wide. Dhanistha is the the creator of the Aperture Methodology of Homeopathy. Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy is the only place in the world to learn and qualify in Aperture Methodology (TM). Check with DCH for the Register of Qualified Aperture Homeopaths.

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