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Affordable Homeopathic Treatment for the Whole Family

At the Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy we run a Student Clinic.  This means that the students participate whilst at the same time being supervised by qualified homeopaths.

What does this mean for you?   This means that you can obtain quality homeopathic treatment at radically reduced rates for yourself and your family.   It provides the students with a “hands on” learning experience which forms part of their professional training.   Many patients who came via the student clinic, have now returned to Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy and enrolled as students at the College.  This shows how “infectious” homeopathy is!

Should you wish to avail yourself of this wonderful treatment you can contact the Student Clinic on (02) 80058205 or fill in the form below and Administration will contact you to set up an appointment.

Starting on the road of healing has never been so easy!

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Enrolling at The Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy

What requirements do I need to enrol in the Diploma Course at Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy?

You are interested in homeopathy and natural healing

More people than ever today, are interested in taking responsibility for their health,  and are willing to ask questions and to go deeper in order to make good, healthy choices.   The desire to become a homeopath usually starts as an interest, which becomes fired into a lifelong passion, as they learn and understand more about “the whole of the human being”.

You prefer to learn by experience and not just in theory

At DCH  we do this in a very organic way.   We like our students to learn through experience and our hands on learning and student clinics provide the optimum method of achieving just this.  

You wish to train as a homeopathic practitioner in a friendly and supportive environment

DCH  has a very distinct mission statement.   Its first commitment is to the student and to making both their learning experience and their time with DCH a deeply personal and supported time of growth for them.

You want to make a difference

DCH really enjoys getting to know their students and to see their passion and commitment to making a difference.  It is truly amazing to see how this expresses itself in each and every student.  All students, just like all patients, are individuals.

You want to grow as a human being

Undertaking a training such as this is a life changing experience and provides an enormous opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

You have a passion for the exploration of homeopathy

Homeopathy ignites a passion, which lasts a lifetime.

You are committed to the evolution of homeopathy

The ongoing commitment to the evolution of homeopathy today takes many forms.  Many graduates go on to create enormously successful practices and to both research and publish on homeopathy.  Many of the DCH graduates are having truly wonderful results in their work

.    It is this work from the world community of homeopathy which keeps it ever fresh and keeps the heart and soul of homeopathy alive, as new and fascinating remedies and information come to light.  All homeopaths, whether students, graduates or long term practitioners of homeopathy contribute to this.


Destiny’s Child/Nature.Nurture/Choice to Change

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So much is made today in terms of  life being solely related and hung on the “Destiny Pole”.  In other words, “people are only their biochemistry”.  This i said to be their ” destiny” because their nature is said to be “inherited” or,  even, “food related”, which is today’s popular response.

It leaves no room for healing, or for stepping into a full and healthy life, and closes the door to any type of engagement with change or free will.   Whilst this has a small part to play, it is not the totality of who any human is.  Nature/ Nurture has an equally important part to play on this field!  I recall a case years ago where a young woman in her 20’s presented with a medicated bi-polar disorder.  Half way through the consultation she revealed she had been “adopted” early in her life, but had recently met her “birth parents”.  When I looked through her forms, she had stated that “both my parents are medicated bi-polar patients”.    However, some further  questioning revealed that she was referring not to her “birth parents” but to her “adoptive parents”.

This was an interesting and rather obvious  example of  Nature/ Nurture.  Of course, it is true all human beings are affected by the way they are reared and nurtured.   That is a given.  However, there is always so much more which can be explored by a patient who seeks to make choices and take paths which allow him or her to not only create a life that they desire, but also create a strong sense of themselves, aside from all familial and genetic influences.   Carl Jung referred to this as individuation.   This also occurs with many homeopathic patients who seek to work their way through old issues, family of origin influences and step into a life which provides them with energy, creativity and a strong sense of self.   And, after all, isn’t that what healing is all about?

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Life Renewing Life

In today’s “throw away” and “disposable” world, the human body is seen as a vehicle, much like a car. Replace the parts, get some body work done; upgrade to a better model ( or go into cryogenic freezing until it becomes available.) It exists at a superficial level. If it looks good, adds to the lifestyle-look, and becomes a “perfect thing” then its considered “healthy”.
For a long time dis-ease has been seen as an “enemy” which attacks from the “outside” and needs to be attacked and destroyed at all costs. It is not seen as relevant to the patient or to life, generally. This view takes no consideration of the “problem” as coming from anywhere else, but “outside”.

This creates the “no responsibility response” and “projection onto others” which forms such a huge part of today’s culture and society. Early psychology took the position, in many cases, that it is a method used by the patient to obtain something. In other words to gain some type of “support”. This, of course, co-responds to both the physical and the mental/emotional symptoms generated by patients.

This means, of course, that many patients come who “seek healing” but at another level, they really do not. These patients are at “odds with themselves”, for if they gave up this “particular strategy” which they have used their whole life to get what they want, what would they have then?  To the reader this may sound odd.  It is, however, alarmingly frequent.   I have seen so many people “make a life-long career” of going from one healer to the next, still stuck in the same place. I am reminded by Shakespeare’s phrase “we think she doth protest too much” . Or, “says one thing, and does another”.  In any case, there is no desire to change or to heal.

Healing relates to the creation of space. One can not bring anything more to a space which is “full to the brim”. In homeopathy, the homeopath responds to the series of “coded messages”. These include feelings, sensations, dreams and even delusions. The goal of homeopath is to find the “similum”. Note the word “similum”. This word translates as “similar”. It does not mean “perfect”. Perfection is a description which has no place here. It belongs in the realm of the “gods’.

The mind has many parts to it which function as a direct connection to the rest of the body. Information travels at a speed that would put most computers to shame. The body is incredibly intelligent, far more than we give it credit for.  However, unfortunately, the world today operates at such a high speed which is at odds with nature. Nature has a way, a time and a method of healing which is far removed from the “overnight expectation” many people have.

The information which is forthcoming from the dreams of the patient, provide a deep insight into what they “unconsciously cannot edit, nor control”. This deep, symbolic language, speaks of the true picture, unedited and uncensored by these “overnight expectations”.

It is here that so much can be gleaned and taken into account, along with the well provided coded messages of symptoms. It is also from here, that the homeopath is able to methodically arrive at the “similum”.
The “healing crisis” occurs when these two worlds collide. That is, what is uncensored and revelatory, and what is being expressed outwardly by the body in all its expressions. Note, that I used the words “healing crisis”. This crisis occurs because two distinctly different energies cannot operate at the same time and in the same space. In order to make room, one of the occupants needs to vacate.
This crisis may cause some physical and/or emotional discomfort, but it does open the door to fresh change, and an opportunity to relinquish old worn out habits and attitudes, and replace them with new growth, and an energy for becoming part of the whole of life.  This is the opportunity which is held out by life, itself.
Life renewing Life.

Dads are Doing It!

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I always enjoy the chance to speak to Dads.  Yesterday I spoke to the father of one of my little patients.  He had just returned from an overseas trip alone with his child, to visit the grandparents.  Mum actually got to stay in Australia and enjoy the break, the space, and life.   This child has come a long, long way and this family now lives what they call “the life they always dreamed of”.

I so enjoyed my conversation with this Dad.  He is an amazing man who has been fully present and committed to the whole process all the way through. An amazing man!   Mum is a pretty incredible woman as well.    What a triumph for the whole family that he was able to take his child overseas, and have an immensely enjoyable holiday together!  He was totally organized!   He had his homeopathic remedy kit with him and knew what to do when, if it was needed!

We always emphasize the importance of families coming on board together, so that they all shift through the process, and no-one is carrying anyone else’s baggage!   When I meet families such as these,  I am in awe of their commitment and their love for their children.

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Where Two Worlds Collide – Opening the Door with Homeopathy

Homeopathy, along with many other modalities, such as psychology, acknowledges the direct link between the psyche and the body.  When a homeopath takes a case and selects a remedy, they are in, fact creating a key to “open the door to the area locked in tension” (you can see this in the black shaded area of the diagram above).

This “area” is the world where the tensions between the psyche and the body play out and create dis-ease.  Left unchecked, this shaded area of tension will build and eventually leak back towards both the psyche and the body spreading the “distorted message of the dis-ease”.  An experienced homeopath is clearly able to observe the progression of a chronic state limiting healthy functionality in both areas, thus limiting the “whole person”.   There is  always one single event, trauma or experience which is at the root of all “layers of life” and  from which all other problems follow.

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Inspired Homeopathy

If you are inspired to take up homeopathy, and are confused by all the choices?   Its simple.   The best way to get a “feel” for whether the course is “for you” or not is to come and sit in.  Yes, spend a day with us, either in person, or via our direct live feed so that you can get a feeling of whether the Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy is right for you.   This option is open every weekend.  All you need do is contact the College via the email below, or call us to let us know you are coming or want to be included in the live feed.

It always makes me smile when you see someone come in for the day and they settle into the lively discussions, sharings, meditative provings and casework like they have been there all along!

We are bamboozled with information on the internet.  We are, in fact, on information overload.   Having a direct experience usually sorts the choice out pretty quickly!