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Aperture Homeopathy – As Applied to the Spectrum

The body is more than simply biochemistry reactions. These reactions form only part of a unique and highly creative whole. They are not, however, the full expression of a person, and their physical and emotional and spiritual well being.

There are unique systems of organization of the structure of the self (personality) and behaviours which need to be in place from birth and during child rearing. It is important to look beyond what is a “diagnosis” which is negative in its descriptive, towards something deeper.  As we are speaking about this development, let us consider children.

With all children, what is not expressed in the parents is acted out by the children. That is a given. This is confirmed in all the work carried out by psychologists for hundreds of years. This occurs in all families of origin. In other words, in all families.

In the cases of children who are considered to be on “some type of spectrum “the integrity of the deeper self structures of organization are like an open landscape which experiences a storm blowing from what is both unowned and unexpressed in the parents. Psychologists would call this the shadow. Further,this is also both energized and, colored by both a personal and also a cultural/societal suppression.

We can see this in a very general way by the differences from one generation to another, in terms of lifestyle choices, stresses, levels of health and behaviours, and, so much more.

Therefore, this is why it is so important to treat the parents whilst the child is undertaking treatment. It makes a tremendous difference to progress and to the healthy growth of all family members, as well as the child, himself or herself. In this way a whole family shifts into a positive, healthy and achievable outcome. The drip-feeding by todays culture of “perfection” is not something which is either true or healthy. This idea of “perfection” is really, pathological.

It is because Homeopathy is so inclusive of all of these perceptive views that it is able to be far more inclusive in its treatment than other methods of healing which focus simply on basic biochemistry.

Homeopathy, therefore, provides a much more flexible model to utilize with all problems which are not singular to a diagnosis or to a label, whatever that happens to be. ” Dhanistha. Devi. Dasi (copyright excerpt)

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Aperture Homeopathy – As Applied to Spectrum Disorders

“It is vital that the parents also receive homeopathic treatment at the same time as the child.   The interconnectedness of the family and the family energy runs like an electric circuit and, the crisis of the ‘diagnosed child’ and the ‘fall out’ which accompanies it, immediately brings forth all the unresolved material of the parental psyche.

If the parent does not seek to work with orientating their own material and dealing with it, it then becomes projected onto the child, who is already struggling to swim in deep waters”   Dhanistha Devi Dasi

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Aperture Homeopathy – Excerpts

This is an excerpt Aperture Homeopathy as Applied to the Spectrum Disorders.  This publication will be available as an E-Book from this site before Christmas.

On the manic desire for perfection….

“Children spend a good deal of their early lives these days, working through the suppressed shadows of their family of origin. It should not have to be that hard for them. We have to move away from the “obsessive desire for perfection”. Its not human in any human terms”. D. D. Dasi Aperture Homeopathy TM

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Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy Student Clinic – Need some help with the kids?

Children, of all ages and all descriptions respond beautifully to homeopathy. When I was rearing my five, I thanked homeopathy every day for the support it provided.

Homeopathy has so much to offer children to support them through the changes which occur just in day to day life. It also offers so much to children who have been diagnosed on the Spectrum. Homeopathy works naturally with the body encouraging deep healing and assisting the body to come back on line.

It does not have to be that hard! Make an appointment at the Student Clinic today!

The student clinic offers consultations via Skype and telephone which is often the most helpful with busy families.

(02) 80058205

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“I love My Job”

How many people today can actually say that? I do not imagine there would be many. When you can take something that you really love doing and make a career from it, then you have the combination for some pretty amazing things to happen in life.

Many people dream of doing something just like that. 2015 is not that far away! Yes, the Christmas decorations are going out in the shops already, which is a worry! What will you be doing in 2015? Stuck in the same old, same old, or doing something that you really love? If you are as enthused about homeoapthy as we are here at Dhanvantari College, then why not have a taster? An entree, bite-sized day of experience by spending the day with us, either in person, or via direct live feed and then make a decision. Do you want to be doing what you love?

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A Passion for Homeopathy

As a practitioner of homeopathy for well over 25 years I can honestly say that I have never lost my passion for it. When I decided to use that passion to inspire others to become professional homeopaths, I realized that this was the next level of this same wonderful energy.

I can honestly say that I have never been bored with it. To the contrary, it is equally fascinating and rewarding working in this area. The Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy was created in order to fan the flames of this same passion in people who just love homeopathy, either by direct experience with their own homeopath or by using home prescribing as a starting point. If you feel the same way, then feel free to contact us and arrange to “sit in” for a day either in person, or via direct live feed. This is the best way to have the “Dhanvantari Experience” and to meet the staff and the wonderful human beings who are our students. Whether they are at beginners level, or hard at work in our clinics, they are totally amazing people who are completely committed to making the difference.