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Studying with Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy

Professional Homeopathic Practitioner Training at Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy, is offered at three different levels.

1. Undergraduate Degree, awarding the qualification of Dip. Hom. DCH, thus, affording the graduate the qualification to work as a homeopathic professional.

2. Postgraduate Degree in Homeopathy PG. Dip. DCH, realises a body of new remedy(s) proving work and publication by a professional homeopath as a full expression and contribution into the homeopathic community.  This also forms that important continued professional development which all quality Associations specify as compulsory.

3. Masters – Ma. DCH ( specialisation).  For example Masters  in Paediatrics. Ma. DCH. Paediatrics.

These three steps in education help to provide the potential professional homeopath with both support and continuing professional development,  which is required by all regulatory and quality associations in terms of professional training and continued duty of care.   (It is important to ensure that the Association can actually accredit both the course and the teaching institution and its staff.)

These three levels place a professional homeopath in a nurturing and supportive environment, amongst peers and colleagues with years of experience.

 It is always important to develop both the homeopath and homeopathy.

When you are looking to become a homeopath and searching for quality teaching, experience is the key word here,  both in homeopathy and, in teaching.   Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy stands on 30 years of experience in homeopathy world-wide.  Serious seekers of learning will always name experience as the number one criteria when selecting a College.

Dhanvantari College also offers partial scholarships for its training.  Information in relation to partial scholarships is available by contacting the office.

All level of training are offered both in person and by distance education with regular MeetUps via Direct Live Feed.   Students are able to pace themselves in this way and at the same time, be elevated by being in contact with students at various levels.  This has a very positive effect upon learning.   We very much believe in speaking and communication.  Too much computer work and too much “reading” does nothing to ignite the homeopath within, it is by communication and clinical experience, that the flames are fanned!  We teach homeopathy.  That is what we do, that is all we do,  and that is what we are committed to.

At DCH we believe homeopathy is one long conversation and the ‘aural reception provides a much better way of awakening the homeopath to this knowledge’   This is re-enforced by the introduction to clinic at an early stage.

This is underpinned by personal development.   To be a homeopath in the world today, has a few requirements.  The first is humility.  The willingness to be open to the grace available to transform oneself, and to place the homeopath in this position to being open to receive direction.    In today’s egocentric and fast tracked world not many people are called to be a true homeopath, as a vocation.

The second important requirement is being able to know when one needs assistance and to take it.  This shows up in community.  The community of homeopaths created in DCH Alumni and, also through the Australian Guild of Homeopaths as their preferred Association provides just this.   This willingness to be open to assistance underpins the first quality of humility.

The third important requirement is compassion, understanding this thoroughly and what this means in both the life of the homeopath and in their practice.

Brochures and application forms for all of the courses are available by contacting DCH

Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy covers all methodologies of homeopathy including Aperture Prescribing (TM) which was specifically created by the College Principal, Dhanistha Devi Dasi.

Here is what some of our graduates have to say about their experience at Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy.

The teachings are very practical and the in-depth client case work in student clinic,means when you finish the course you are ready to go out into the world and prescribe with confidence –    Kim Herman, Graduate.  Wellness & Natural Health Solutions. Western Australia.


My life has been enriched from the confidence, strength and the high level of knowledge plus experience of Dhanistha. I now think and treat from a new perspective. – Peter Balogh, Graduate.  GoVita Tanunda  South Australia

One cannot learn to practise a modality of any sort without embracing one’s own healing. This is all part of becoming a homeopath. For me College weekends were an exciting wealth of knowledge! Guidance was provided at every step of the way. I felt tremendously supported and this made everything so enjoyable, whilst at the same time so powerful. Studying at DCH gave me a passion for Aperture Prescribing, and the Student Clinic provided a tremendous opportunity to do countless clinical contact hours with patients and to put all the learning and therapy into practise. I have since completed my Post Graduate with DCH as well and found that it was one of the most exciting years of my life. I felt completely supported at every level in this very personal part of the degree process. My personal mentoring sessions with Dhanistha and her support with my thesis, my book and provings, demonstrated once again the commitment DCH has to the vocation of homeopath and homeopaths.  My Book is to be published in early 2017 –  Kathryn Turton Lane – Graduate, Post-Graduate DCH.  Heidi-Rose Homeopathy, Victoria.

I loved that we got to help treat real life patients so early on in our learning journey. This provided invaluable experience and further cemented the theory that we were studying. I graduated a different person so it became just as much about myself as the clients I was treating. I was provided with the tools to feel ready and confident to begin building my own successful practice.  Joanne Vaughan, Graduate.  Victoria

I highly recommend this College. It was a unique study experience with loads of hands on clinical experience, constant guidance and contact with the Principal and the opportunity for vast personal growth.
T. Vella.  Graduate. Bayside Homeopathy.  Victoria.

Homeopathy is not just a profession, another therapy or type of alternative treatment. It is a journey that you venture on to discover not only the cause of dis-ease or how to assist your patients as they deal with it, but to open your eyes to what is really happening in our world, in the past and, in the present. To me, one of the many unique things about DCH is the way all the bits of the giant puzzle that is LIFE are brought together piece by piece over these two years to complete the picture of who we truly are and how we fit into this vast universe. Dhanistha, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in many ares of life and, it is this combined with her honest, caring and very exciting style of teaching that makes this journey truly life changing and life enhancing in every way. Dhanistha has opened my eyes, my soul and my heart to become the humble healer I needed to be to make a significant difference in my patient’s lives and it is thanks to the Student Clinic that I graduated some years back with the full confidence necessary to make this my living, my graduation.  Jessica Du Hane, Graduate.  Victoria.

The incredibly, talented and inspiring Dhanistha Devi Dasi has developed an unique style of teaching that begins your magical journey along the path of homeopathy. The enormous wealth of knowledge, continuous guidance and friendship one gains along the way is unbelievable. The school encourages your own style to develop. The DCH is truly magical and a gift from the Universe. B. A-Bell.  Graduate. Victoria


Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy 2017 Prospectus


Aperture Prescribing

Aperture Prescribing (TM) Methodology only taught at DCH

Note: (Aperture Methodology (TM) is registered and only taught by Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy.  At no time may it be used promote products of any type, including homeopathic products).  No part of the material provided by DCH may be used, reproduced in written or electronic media without expressed written permission of DCH.  Failure to obtain the same will result in legal prosecution.

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