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Choosing the Right College for You

When one comes to make a choice about where to come to open to homeopathy, it is an important decision.   In a market place filled with so much tinsel, it is so important to make the choice which sings to your heart.    Homeopathy is a vocation.


The Right Choice

Stay Close to those who know about the heart

Choose the shade of a tree

That is in constant bloom

Don’t meander aimlessly

among the herb sellers and potion venders

Go directly to the shop

that sells nothing but sweets!

Don’t sit waiting by every boiling pot

to have your plate filled!

Not every boiling pot

is cooking what you want.

Not every sugar cane is filled with sugar;

Not every down has an up

Not every eye has vision

Not every sea contains pearls.





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Heartlines – Opening Up to the Path

At DCH our Post-Graduates are encouraged to undertake the proving of a new remedy or remedies, and to create a body of work surrounding the proving.  Kathryn Turton-Lane recently completed her Post Graduate Diploma and her book is finally completed.

Many experienced homeopaths will already be familiar with Ayahuasca and its early provings in the United Kingdom.    This proving comes with a difference, as it fully reflects the experiences of the Ayahuasca Ritual.  I will not spoil it for you by revealing this, but needless to say, it has opened up a road to understanding this most unique substance in a way which was not perceived previously.    It was a tremendous undertaking and Kathryn has done the most amazing job with it.     At present the book is available from Heidi Rose Homeopathy or from Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy.



Kathryn Turton Lane Book

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Sacred Space for the Urban Woman

As women we are always challenged to find the space in our lives to embody the sacred.  We feel torn between our commitments and the call to something deeper within ourselves.  We often feel this deep call to be present in our lives, to live more fully and to locate and share our unique gift with the world.  All women carry a unique gift but often we cannot see our way forward to finding it.  We are all searching for real depth, for real change, but we are time and energy challenged.  This lunar month provides the opportunity to partake in the sacred and yet to still be present in our busy lives.    It uses the fusion of homeopathy, sacred medicine, dream-work and ritual to enter into the moon’s phase and still remain present to what we need to do as parents, employees and as women.  Thus we learn to straddle the two worlds, become fluent in ourselves, and our creative process.

“The Wild Woman is fluent in the language of dreams, images, passion and poetry”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Sacred Space front page

Sacred Space for the Urban Woman. A Lunar Cycle of entering the sacred with ritual, sacred medicine, dream-work.

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The Power of Miasmatic Prescribing 2018

The Power of Miasmatic Prescribing, Epigenetics and Ancestral Energy. This on line webinar is offered to professional homeopaths by the Principal of the Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy, Dhanistha Devi Dasi.

Her comprehension of miasm and its existence in creation provides groundbreaking information.  This is a not to be missed opportunity to learn this on line. September 2018

The contact form below will enable us to forward details


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Blending Naturopathy and Homeopathy

Whilst it is common to have a homeopathic unit included in a naturopathic degree, it is not the same as deeply undertaking a study of homeopathy.  At DCH we have been fortunate to have had a few naturopaths with much experience in the field come to study with us.  They came with an enormous amount of knowledge from both their degree courses and their clinical experience.  These were dedicated people who want to enable healing and change in their patients.

If you are a Naturopath and would like to really expand homeopathy into your practice, beyond simple prescribing, then our Diploma in Homeopathy would really work for you. 

At DCH we acknowledge your prior learning and professional experience, and support you into moving just beyond simple prescribing into the various and exciting methodologies of homeopathy, its links to ancestral energies to working with deeper emotions, feelings and dreams as well as the more practical aspects.  Bringing this depth to your practice enables you to really serve your patients and their changing requirements.   Here is what some of our  wonderful naturopaths who gained a professional Diploma in Homeopathy had to say about their experience at DCH.


My life has been enriched from the confidence, strength and the high level of knowledge plus experience of Dhanistha. I now think and treat from a new perspective. – Peter Balogh, Graduate.  GoVita Tanunda  South Australia




The teachings are very practical and the in-depth client case work in  the student clinic,means when you finish the course you are ready to go out into the world and prescribe with confidence Kim Herman, Graduate.  Wellness & Natural Health Solutions. Western Australia

What does it take to become a professional homeopath?

The Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy

This is a very important question and, of course, there are many levels to the answer.   Firstly it is important to be trained by those homeopaths who have a good deal of experience in the field of homeopathy and, who are able to draw on this vast clinical experience.  It takes many, many years to be in this position to be able to turn around and share knowledge and both guide and mentor the upcoming student.

This is so important, as these experienced homeopaths have taken what they have learnt and not only tried and tested the teaching, but have been able to inform due to their extensive clinical practice.  Clinical practice is what evolves homeopathy beyond the texts and teachings.

Researching which teaching institution resonates with you is a good first step.   Like everything within our culture, homeopathy has “its own tribes”.    This simply makes the colleges…

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Dreams and Homeopathy

In the extreme superhighway that is our lives, filled with never ending demand by ourselves and other people, not much time is left to deeply rest, to regenerate and, importantly, to contemplate.    All focus in relation to healing is to quickly fix it in order to return to the “madness”.   This leaves the patient’s version of the story, more often than not, fairly shallow with questionable accuracy.

Dreams, however, circumvent these filters and go straight to the truth, providing much needed information, guidance and even suggestions with regard to health, life, spiritual growth.  This does not mean rushing to the old repertories and the dreams section.  Pardon the pun, but they are nightmares.   Limited, matter of fact and with an inclination to patriarchal!   Rather, we have to let the dreams guide us into a more truer picture of our patient, a  turn of the aperture lens which peers deeply into our patients, to see what is resisted and hidden.   Herein, lie many secrets, longings, shadows and opportunities.  It certainly makes working with homeopathy in this way a pure joy.


Image by Amandine Ray

Webinars Working with Dreams in Homeopathy